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As human beings, we have a constant impulse to seek knowledge and move towards the future. That innate curiosity that distinguishes us from others leads us to discover, learn, improve and grow as human beings.

Criteria’s primary mission and commitment are to help their clients reach their full potential, hence becoming healthier, more ethical companies with the best talent on their team. Thanks to their consulting services, training programs, and corporate wellbeing projects, Criteria is helping organizations and companies grow stronger and consciously.

This impulse and curiosity was the fundamental basis for creating the new identity proposal for Criteria, designed by Rodrigo Heredia.


The new identity proposal represents an evolution for the company, and part of this evolution had to be their brand character. This new character will help Criteria connect with its target audience and maintain that human and closeness value that characterizes them.

I created the new brand’s character: Sofia.


The first step in creating a brand character is to define its personality, ambitions, and characteristics.

To describe Sofía, we answered the following questions:

  • Who is she?
  • Where and how does she live?
  • How is her day to day?
  • What are her virtues and values?
  • What are her likes and dislikes?
  • What motivates and drives her?
  • What is her purpose?

By describing Sofia, we describe Criteria. Which will allow us to create a brand character that establishes closer and human connections with their users and represents the company’s values.


Pencil explorations of Sofia doing activities she loves. Representing different areas of her lifestyle.

Sketches of Sofia Studying, Saying Hello, Presenting and Riding her bike

Final Illustrations

Four different illustrations of the character. The idea was to draw situations and activities that were versatile enough to be used on different applications.

Whatsapp Stickers

Stickers are communication tools that help us express our emotions in conversations where we cannot observe body language. These emoticons are designed for those virtual conversations to become a little more human, and that is why they visually represent situations, expressions, and attitudes that we all do.

With Criteria, we have gone a step further, designing a set of personalized stickers with Sofia, the brand’s character to be used on a communication platforms such as WhatsApp.

Ten expressions of Sofia with which we can all identify.




Character Design
Character Illustration
Whatsapp Stickers


Human Resources


Branding and Creative Direction by Rodrigo Heredia
Illustration by Nina Posadas Creative Studio


Barcelona, Spain



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