Covid19 explainer video for Red Cross

An explainer e-learning video is a great way to help you reach a broad audience. It is key that the information given to the final user is presented in an attractive and easy to understand way. 


The goal was to design and animate a 3:30 min video for an e-learning course for the Red Cross. On this video we explained what is Covid19, which are the commons symptoms and health recommendations to stay safe.


To achieve this goal, we chose to use illustration and 2d animation as the communication tools of choice, focusing on designing an attractive piece that educates and entertains the users while keeping their attention on the information that is shown to them.


It was the perfect combination to show what Covid19 is and which are the symptoms you may have if you get the virus.

Characters & Illustrations.

The two main characters will demonstrate the impact the virus can have on our bodies,  where it started, which are the main and secondary symptoms, and the health recommendations to #staysafe.

Coronavirus Elearning Characters illustrated for Árbol Creative Studio


The use of a storyboard is key when working on a video, film, or animated piece. 

It’s an important part of the pre-production process and an effective way to visualize the sequence of the scenes to understand the flow and dynamic of the storytelling.

It is a tool that allows you to see if the desired message is getting through to your target audience. Otherwise, it lets you choose which parts of the narrative should be highlighted or trimmed to produce a dynamic, entertaining, and easy-to-follow story.

Coronavirus Elearning illustrated for Árbol Creative Studio

Scenes and Graphic Elements

Graphic scenes were designed to represent visual key moments in the story. For example: The location, the marketplace, the symptoms such as lack of air, medical attention, and the #StayatHome recommendation.

Final Video

Project made as co-founder at ÁRBOL Creative Studio. Barcelona, Spain. 2019-2020

Character Design




Animation by Carlos Arandia
Voice: Tinedo Augusto Guia




Barcelona, Spain



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