Ana María Gomez

amgs is a design studio on textile research that makes from wearable items to eclectic functional furniture, often as result of collaborations. The core of amgs is to experiment with the visual, tactile and spatial dimension of textiles. 

The studio was created by Colombian designer Ana María Gómez after finishing a Master in Textile Design at La Cambre, Brussels in 2015. 

Ana María is interested on creating encounters with different cultures who use textile as way of communication. amgs aims to give awareness of these projects by remixing traditional crafts with contemporary design. 

The relation between textile, body and space is an important subject for her, since she sees the textile as a malleable material with the possibilities of creating pieces that can adapt actively to the body and the space, almost like a moving sculpture.. 

Experimenting with color and making unusual combinations of colors and patterns is also part of her practice. These experiments often appear around flat or geometrical surfaces. These combinations, create a sense of movement and rhythm within the pieces she makes. 

Ana Maria Gomez - Textile Artist


Knotting Knitting and aboi are two of the main projects of amgs.

aboi is a collaboration between amgs and William Contreras, a talented handicraft artisan from Cucunubá, Cundinamarca, a small town in Colombia. 

The name aboi comes from Muisca, a language that was spoken in the surroundings areas of Bogotá in precolonial and colonial times and now extinguished. 

A boi separately means her/his plaid in Muisca. In an attempt to represent in our logo the union of this exchange between amgs and William, the phrase A boi is transformed into a single word: aboi. 

This design tries to convey the linear character reminiscent of Spanish writing itself, but adding a small twist to the letter o. 

This gesture depicts the idea of a phonetic accent that leads us, to emphasize the letter o when saying it or reading it, thereby echoing the original sound and pronunciation of A boi. 


Knotting Knitting

Knotting Knitting, a project by amgs studio consisting of knitted filled bands, that form multiple color combinations of colors and that can be openly adapted to the body. 

The first two letters that are found reapeated in Knotting Knitting name are “KN:. This duo of letters were used to create the brandmark and be read depending on the orientation in which you see the logo. 

The playful composition of the logo creates a dynamic typographic module that represents the movement, rythym and endless possibilities of composition and uses of Knottig Knitting pieces. 


Brand Applications

Ana María, Brand Applicatios included the design of:
– Business Cards
– Postal Cards 
– Technical Catalogs
– Flyers
– Invoice
– DIY Packaging system, with Stamps and branded masking tape


Project made in collaboration with Perro de Agua Studio



Brand Strategy & Design
Brand System Design
Brand Applications : Business Cards, Flyers, Catalog, Packaging, Labels




Photography by Alexandra Colmenares Cossio


Nina Posadas & Perro de Agua Studio


Brussels, Belgium
Bogota, Colombia



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