About the brand

Amelia Virtual Care is a Barcelona based company that offers the first all-in-one virtual reality solution for mental health professionals. Their platform has more than 140 environments and is used by more than 2,000 therapists around the world to improve patient therapy in both face-to-face and remote settings.

The challenge

The challenge was to create a brand that represented both sides of the company. Technological with a human touch. Hence, helping them stand out and become the leading VR platform for mental health professionals.

Brand & Concept


Therapy with VR has faster results. With the glasses, the therapist can present to their patient one of 140 environments and monitor their response, leading their healing process.

The concept behind the design is that the glasses become “the window to improve mental health”.


Amelia Virtual Care is a nod to all those brave people who embark on the path of innovation. Its logo is formed with rounded edges and open shapes to reflect the character of a start-up, while the smooth and flowing lines represent the company’s ability to adapt to new environments. The different colors that bring vitality to the logo capture the company’s leadership, potential, and vision for a future worth looking forward to. Xavier Palomer. Founder of Amelia Virtual Care


The versatility in the use of the color palette and the use of movement and fluidity in the lines allowed us to design dynamic and varied compositions for each of the mediums needed, both for online and offline applications.


The website is divided into three main sections. Corporate, Professionals, and Patients. It was important to organize the sections and design them in a way that was easy to navigate, for each different type of user. 



Branding Collaterals
Web Design


Virtual Reality


Barcelona, Spain



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