Ana Karina Posadas Terán Illustrator


I’m Nina, a graphic designer, creative director, and illustrator. Passionate about creating long-lasting, impactful, and meaningful visual solutions.

One of my core mission and values is using my skills and knowledge as a multidisciplinary creative professional. To help my clients potentiate their brand, communicate with their audience, and achieve their communication goals. I like to work closely with worldwide clients, establishing a relationship based on trust and good work. I support them every step of the way, starting from the concept of their brand, the strategy on the design process upon the final product. I offer tailor-made solutions in both print and digital realms.

As a creative person, I strongly believe in working towards the balance between self-initiated projects and client projects; By allowing myself the time to do personal work. I keep learning, experimenting, and trying new techniques that I can apply to my professional and personal work.

To let you know more about myself and my professional career: I graduated with honors from Prodiseño, School of Visual Communication. I have a BA and MA in Illustration from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels. I have years of professional expertise, working in agencies, freelance, and as the former founder of ÁRBOL Creative Studio. 

Feel free to contact me for commissions, collaborations, or to say hello!

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